Fans Photo Gallery

All of the pictures in the Fans Photo Gallery were taken by visitors.  If you've taken any great photos of Jose and would like to display them in this Photo Gallery, please email me for consideration.  And don't be offended if it takes a while for your photos to show up here.  I have quite a few I need to add.


Joy Absalon took this piucture of Jose in Camden yards in 1999:

A picture of Jose taken by Mike Strand in Milwaukee in 1992:

A photo of Jose Eric Paez, taken by his Dad Jose on 12/5/99:

Jose and five year old Eric Paez

Photos taken by Andrew Randall in Atlanta on June 7, 1999:

Jose catching a ball before the game Jose chatting with Dave Martinez and Ozzie Guillen during BP Jose running for a ball during BP Jose getting ready to catch another fly ball
A great photo of Jose looking goofy before the game Jose with his cap on backwards Jose smiling for the camera Jose chatting with Fred McGriff Jose being greeted at the plate after a homer during the game

Photos taken by Diane Stanley during Spring Training in 1999:

Jose looking at the camera Jose making an interesting face A cool shot of Jose from behind Jose hanging out with his ex-teammates during BP
Jose chatting with Tony Saunders during BP Jose and a whole bunch of Devil Rays stretching

More photos taken by Diane:

Jose walking to the dugout in Detroit Jose stretching during BP in Detroit Jose ready for a pitch
Shawn Green bringing Jose his glove after a strikeout Jose after striking out Jose stretching in Montreal
Jose watching spring training action in Tampa Jose and Alex Gonzalez at a charity luncheon in Toronto

Photos taken by Dan Mostad during Spring Training in 1999:

Jose finishing a practice swing right in front of the camera Jose walking towards home plate Jose waiting for his turn to bat Jose pointing his bat towards the camera
Another photo of Jose waiting to bat

Jose at the plate during a game

Jose jogging in front of the dugout