Photo Gallery #20

Jose is greeted at the plate after homering in Texas on 5/17/99 (AP) Jose steps on home plate after homer #15 on 5/18/99 (AP) Jose smiles after striking out later in the game (AP)
Jose belting homer #16 on 5/19/99 (AP) Jose crossing the plate after the homer (AP) Jose launching his 17th homer of the season on 5/21/99 (AP) Jose getting hit with a pitch on 5/22/99 (AP)
Jose watches catcher Dan Wilson reach for a ball that got away on 5/28/99 (AP)  Jose watches his 19th homer fly on 5/30/99 (AP) Jose crossing the plate after his 20th homer on 6/2/99 (AP)  Jose hitting a triple off the wall in Oakland on 6/2/99 (AP) Jose laughing at himself after a strike in the 9th inning on 6/2/99 (AP)