Photo Gallery #19

Jose sliding safely into home on 4/23/99 (AP) Jose high-fives Randy Winn after his homer on 4/23/99 (AP)  The same high-five, but from another angle (AP)
Jose and his daughter Josie before the game on 4/25/99 (SP Times) A high-five from Fred McGriff after homer #10 on 4/25/99 (AP) Jose finishing a swing (SP Times) Jose leaning on a fence, looking at the camera (SP Times)
Jose hitting a 2 run double on 5/3/99 (AP) Jose taking a weird swing and jamming his knee on 5/5/99 (AP) Jose sliding safely into third base on 5/15/99 (AP) Jose getting ready to bat in Anaheim on 5/15/99 (AP)