Jose Canseco Memories - 1997

The following memories were submitted in 1997. To read other years' submissions, return to the Jose Canseco Memories Page or check of the memories that were submitted in 1996, 1998, or 1999.

On the day the Boston Globe reported Jose being traded back to Oakland, David Easter sent me the following email:
I`m sorry to see that Jose been traded back to Oakland with his former teammate, Mark McGwire. We went to Boston in July to try to see him play against the Mariners, but he didn`t play due to back problems. I sure wish I could have seen him play. I`ve seen him play in Texas and at Baltimore (with the A`s). I knew when the Red Sox general management fired Kevin Kennedy, Canseco wasn`t going to be around much longer. I`m real sorry to see him leave.

Kevin Miller boasts:
I'm a huge fan of Canseco, Ever since '86 when I was 8 yrs. old. I'm now 18. WOW, 10 years, has it realy been that long? Anyway, I met Jose at a card show in Philadelphia in the winter of '88, I was 10. He autographed about 10 cards for me. (2 at a time, then I got back in line) He was so immpressed with my determination, that he gave me his pen when he was done, and asked to meet me after the show. Guess what I said. After the show, I went up to the security guard (Bob). He wouldn't let me through. So I then proceeded to yell, "Yo Jose, It's me, Kevin!" He said, "Bob, let him through, he's my friend." Imagine my excitement! MY FRIEND!!!!! We talked for about an hour, then he left to catch a plane. Jose was the man from that point on!!!

Sherry Rouse remembers:
I can't remember what year it was, or how old I was. Maybe I was in high school. Anyways, My sister and I went to an Indians/ A's game when they used to play at Cleveland Stadium, and at the time, Jose was on the team. My sister and I were in the seats over in the outfield area, and Jose was in the area. (This takes me back to when one could buy Indians tickets the same day as the game!!!!) One of the Indians hit the ball in Jose's direction, and it started to roll, right towards where we were sitting! I remember seeing the ball roll to the wall we were sitting on, and then came JOSE!!!!! He picked up the ball, and threw it to the play. I was shocked for a moment, and thought, "HE WAS RIGHT THERE!!!!" After I came down to earth, I managed to scream, since he was absolutly the best looking baseball player I had seen, ever. I screamed, and He looked back, and SMILED AT ME!!! I could not wait to go to school the next day,and tell my friends how close I had gotten to JOSE CANSECO. I will always remember that day as the day Jose smiled at me!

Charles writes:
Hi,I'm Charles from Avon Park,Fl.,and I am 14 years old. I am Jose Canseco's BIGGEST fan. I have over 600 of his cards, a signed baseball, 3 signed cards, and a autographed picture of Canseco and McGwire. I am very happy Canseco got traded back to Oakland because in Boston he averaged 26 HR (1995-24; 1996-28) while in Oakland (1986-1992) he averaged 33 HR, ironically his number. I think Canseco is going to have a big year in 1997,maybe 40-50 HR.With Canseco and McGwire back together,Oakland will rule again.CANSECO WILL BE THE NEXT HR CHAMPION!!!!!

Note: Jose also averaged 498 at bats per year in Oakland, and only 378 in Boston. In other words, he actually had MORE homers per at bat in Boston (.069) than he did in Oakland (.066). Numbers can be deceiving.

Ted Kern says:
I'm up here in Collingwood Ontario Canada, freezing my but off. My name is Ted Kern and I am 18. I look forward to the upcoming season of baseball. I have been a devoted Canseco fan for 8 years. Jose Canseco is the greatest player in the major leagues when he can stay healthy. I just got an Email adress here at my school, and imediately looked up Jose on the web. I found your site, and I think it's really cool. I'm pretty much computer illiterate, but I think this Email thing is cool. I have collected Jose's cards for many years and have about 400 of them. About 300 different ones. I have sort of slowed down now, but still go to the card shops to pick up as many cards as I can each year. It has always been a little more difficult to get good Jose cards up here in Canada, but I think I have done pretty well. It's good to see that there are so many Canseco fans out there. How do you feel about Jose back in Oakland? The bash brothers are back together! Hopefully they can both stay healthy for a whole season. It will be interesting to see what they can do if they are. They have moved the fences in Oakland in a bit. I want two things for Jose now that his career is getting closer to the end. I want for him to get 500 home runs and I want him to break Maris's record. I think he can do it. Anyway, I have to go for lunch so I'll talk with you later.

James Bryan had this to say in an email he sent me:
I love your Canseco page. I too have been huge Jose fan since 1987 when he and McGwire combined to hit 5 hrs (Jose hit 3) against the Jays (I'm from Toronto).

Judy Koeiman writes:
Hi, I am Judy on the Island of Cura�ao and I am a BIG Jose Canseco fan. The bad thing is here I can't get cards to collect. But I am still a BIG FAN.

Chris remembers:
I just want to share a Jose story. One day I was out at the Oakland Colusieum. I skipped school to see an A's game, especially Jose. He was 0 for 2 in his first two at bats - one strike out and infield pop up. The next time he was at bat the A's were down by one. I think Carney Lansford was on first. On a 1 and 2 count, Jose hit a line drive that never was more than 20 feet off the ground, and when it left the ball park it hit a fence over the left field wall and stuck to it for a second or two before it fell, because the force was so hard. That homer left the park faster than any other homer I had ever, EVER seen. Thank you and GOD BLESS JOS�!

Chuck Tonkon remembers what Jose has called his single best game EVER:
This happened in May of 1994 at the new Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers were playing the Mariners and Jose Canseco had 3 home runs (the first was 425 ft., the second was 480 ft. and the third was and is the only home run ever hit to the visitors bullpen in left-center field over 500 ft.). After the third home run the crowd was going crazy and Jose came out of the dugout and waved to the crowd, and this only made everybody go even crazier. You truly had to be there as they say, but I'm sure anyone who was at that game (even Jose himself) will never forget it. By the way, the Ranger's lost the game that night, when in the eighth or ninth inning a player named Ken Griffey Jr. hit a Grand Slam to right-center field and the Mariners won the game.

Tom sent me the following email:
I have been a fan of Canseco since 1986. I think he is the best or at least one of the best ball players of today. I'm 33 years old and was born in San Pablo, CA, so I lived in Oakland half of my life. My brother and sisters are true Oakland A`s and Raider fans. Today my family and I live in Texas. We have been here for 15 years and are still rutin for our teams. I would travel to Arlinton, TX with some freinds to see Canseco live when he played with the A`s during the Larussa years, so can you imagine how we felt when he was traded to the Rangers (awesome). I have to say that my most memorable moment is seeing Canseco hit a home run off of Nolyn Ryan live! I recently got online and now I can keep track of one of baseballs all time best players.

Seth Volk says:
I have been an A's fan forever, and Canseco will always be my favorite player. In my opinion, he has the quickest, most powerful swing baseball has ever seen. Let's hope he gets in a full season this year so he'll have a shot at 60+ homers. He should see a lot of good pitches with McGwire behind him again.

Jeff Cornish writes:
I think I'm the biggest Canseco fan. I'm from Toronto Ont., and I've got two Jose memories: The first was his moonshot into the 5th level at the Skydome, over 500 feet! The second was at a Jays game I was at. I was sitting in the fifth row, right by third base. me and the guy in front of me were the only people in the stadium who were wearing Jose jerseys. Anyhow, Jose was up with two on, and he knocked one out of the park. As he rounded the bases, there the two of us were, standing up, doing the whole "we're not worthy" routine, while most booed. As he rounded third, I guess he caught sight of us two fanatics, and quickly pointed at us, as if to say "You guys know what you're doing."

David Hamilton says:
One of the moments that I don't like that much but I will never forget is the time Jose jumped up to catch a fly ball from Carlos Baerga and the ball bounced of his head and went over the fence for a home run. I live close to Cleveland and the Cleveland newscasters gave him a lot of grief for that inciddent. Hey, give the guy a break! It was a really hard catch! I don't think any of them would have been able to make that catch. My dad also asked me why my fave player messed up and looked like a fool. I just told him to get off his back.

Jeff Hanson witnessed a classic Jose moment. He writes:
Back when Jose was with the Rangers, I had the opportunity to go to a game at Fenway Park. Here I am running around with a Rangers hat while the Red Sox are pounding the Rangers something like 12-1. Canseco, to my dismay, has been quiet at the plate on this day. All of a sudden, the crowd starts chanting "Jose, Jose, Jose" and he's not even on the field (Jose was playing DH and the Sox were up to bat). I look down to the bullpen and see him warming up! I ran down there to get a picture of this anomoly, only to get shoved away by the usher (I did get to snap a few pictures, but not from as close as I wanted). Anyway, Canseco takes the field and ends up throwing exactly 33 pitches, with 3 earned runs and 3 walks in only one inning for an ERA of 27.00. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that this day was May 29, 1993. You do remember that this was the ONLY time that he pitched and ended up needing extensive elbow surgery, don't you? Well, I am truly a Jose Canseco fan (I have a shrine in my room with lots of pictures and cards on my wall), and was happy to get the opportunity to see him play in person, but I think, for his sake, that I'll stay away from the ballpark if I know he's playing.

Here's an email I got from David Mazeika :
Hello, you have a great page here!!!! Jose Canseco is my favorite baseball player. When ever someone askes me who my favorite player is I tell them Canseco. They usually respond with "Canseco!?" Well I grew up in new jersey my whole life and everone expects me to be a Yankees fan...Well I hate the yankees! Here is my story on how I became a Canseco fan....One day back in the summer of '88 my grandmom bought me a box of baseball cards. I didn't know much about baseball at the time - I was only 7 or 8 years old. I was flipping through the cards and I found this cool looking card of Don Mattingly. I brought it over to my older friends house. He was like 13 years old and I asked him if the guy on the card was a good player (I didnt know anthing about baseball so I thought he would know). He said NO! and he told me all about his favorite player..Jose Canseco. Since that day my baseball life has changed FOREVER! After that I started to collect Jose Canseco cards, posters, foto balls, and anything else thats had to do with him. I always try to get the #33 on my baseball jersey. The most memoriable hit I ever saw was back in '90 - I was watching the game on my little black and white TV. Canseco was up with the bases loaded. I don't remember who the pitcher was, but they were playing the Yankees. I ducked under my covers because I was too nervious to watch. Next thing I remember I saw the ball flying into the bleachers... I'll never forget that.
Remember when...... you saw Jose run across the screen during the earthquake in the '88 World Series. Just as he ran past the TV fuzzed out. Rember when Canseco got traded to Texas.... I was Devasated!!!!!!! Remember Dave Stewarts no hitter. I watched the whole game on TV.

Rich Hilton writes:
I was at a Brewer game at the end of the '96 regular season, to see the BoSox and Jose, of course, and it was the only game in which Jose played right field all year... the only one, out of 100 or so. I was sitting down the right field line, chillin', when the batter for the Brewers hit a pop foul toward the section I was sitting in. I scurried over about 10 seats or so, and leaped to reach for the ball. When I came down from my 2 inch vertical, there was Jose, who had been fetchin' the foul ball, standing 2 feet away from me. I was in awe, I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "Hey man, you're #1," and patted him on the shoulder. That was my most memorable moment to date. Oh yeah, by the way, I missed that foul ball. If only I'd brought my glove with.

Mike Watson remembers:
I went to Tiger Stadium about 10:00 a.m. for a 1:05 game, and stood where the players arrive. Jose came right after in a hotel van and told me he had to go and he'd sign inside(meaning after batting practice). When the gates opened I went in and waited by the railing. When he was done hitting in the cages, I yelled to him and he came over and signed for about 10-15 people.

The funniest quote I've ever read from a fellow fan is this:
My wife calls him CANTPLAYCO. It's a wonder I havent divorced her yet.

Karl Brunner says:
I was stationed overseas and came home on leave to visit relatives. I was able to get tickets to camden yards for me and my father in law. I brought my video camera and a regular camera, just to get some pictures. I was in the nosebleed seats, and I filmed everytime he came to bat. (this was his last season in Boston). I would get up start filming and watch him swing at every first pitch with such raw power and speed that I was amazed he missed. first time up, grounder to first. second time up was a routine fly ball that luis polonia and brady anderson miscommunicated on. adouble. third time up, an out (dont remember which). So the Red Sox are up and getting more runs. Canseco comes up to bat. Davey Johnson brings in Arthur Rhodes. I say big mistake. this is it. He hits him pretty good. When he finally bats a few pitches later his bat breaks. I tell my dad, (half jokingly, half hopeful) this is it, he's going to knock it out. He needed a better bat. 2 pitches later. GONE! I rubbed it in to my father in law because he was giving me crap all game. It was the bottom of the 8th, and the Redsox were now up 9 to 5. We got up and left after that. I smiled and laughed all the way home!!

Gary Daytner writes:
I don't really have any Canseco stories to share. I have been an A's fan since I was about 8 (in the mid-late 70's) and when Canseco arrived I naturally started following him. I have always collected sports cards and became frustrated when so many sets began to be manufactured. Someone suggested that I pick a player and try to get his card from each of the sets. Canseco was a natural choice (popular enough to be in each set but not popular enough to be a high priced card).
I am originally from Western Pa. so I used to go to the Indians games when the A's were in town. Probably my fondest memory is a game when the Indians were winning until the late innings when an onslaught of homers by the A's changed it around. I believe it was the 8th when Canseco, McGwire, and Ron Hassey (who was the catcher at the time) hit back to back to back home runs. I was sitting behind home plate and it was even a better thrill than the fact that I was sitting about 7 rows behing Joe Theisman.

Jerry Rivero remembers:
I didn't know Jose personally, but I played on the same field with him and his brother while I tried out for the Coral Park Junior Varsity Baseball Team in 1980/81. Me and my son Christopher are HUGE fans and we have been following Jose's career for the last 10 years or so. We are glad he's back in Oakland where he started his awesome career. Hopefully, he can one day end his career with the Marlins - THEY WOULD LOVE HIM IN MIAMI!!

Brian Shefchunas sent me this email about a Tigers game he went to:
I told you I was going to two Athletics games In Detroit. Well I only went to one on June 10, and boy was it a good one! We got lower deck reserved seats but we sat in the front row in the Tiger Den directly behind the on deck circle!Jose was 15 feet away from me before he batted! I didn't get an autograph but that didn't matter. He was crushing some shots in batting practice. This guy that was sitting a little bit away from me was calling Jose "princess" and he didn't think he deserved 5 million a year (he was drinking beer at the time), and Jose said "I get paid 5 million a year to listen to jerks like you, shut up and drink your beer alcoholic" Then he went to bat after McGwire struck out looking and McGwire didn't like it. So Jose was up and after the first pitch the ump stood up and threw somebody out of the game. It was McGwire of course and then the manager went and got thrown out and then McGwire started throwing bats, helmets, gloves, and a BALL!! While he was still putting on his show, Dave Magadan was standing in the on deck circle, picked up the ball he threw out and threw it right to me! So I have the ball Mark McGwire threw out of the dugout! That at bat Jose crushed a double off the top of the wall! He was 2 for 3 right now. Then in the eighth inning while in the on deck circle, the heckler said he still didn't deserve 5 million. Jose said, "I'll show you why I make 5 million a year, this ones for you alcoholic!" Jose went to the plate and CRUSHED an upper deck shot! He came back with a big grin on his face and stuck his tongue out at the idiot! I got lots of pictures, and when they're developed I'll send you some.

Ryan Cavanagh writes:
Dearest Canseco fan, my name is Ryan Cavanagh and I live in San Ramon, CA. I have been a die hard fan of my hometown Oakland A's since I was young enough to appreciate baseball. Recently one of my childhood dreams came very true. I was hired by the ball club to manualy update the out of town scoreboards. To say the least, I greatly appreciate my incredible job and the saddest part about the whole thing is that they pay me. The American League scoreboard is in the gap between left and center, therefore I prefer to work the A.L. because I have a better shot at adding to my collection of home run souveniers. During the Milwaukee homestand about a month ago, Jose was chillin' out in left field minding his own, and having a chat with Lennon who had just come up that day I believe. To make a long story short, there was a slightly over weight (possibly intoxicated), Brew Crew fan who roughly about 16 years old. He thought it would be pretty darn funny to be original and start heckling Mr. Jose about his swing, outfielding ability, steroids etc. After Mr. Canseco couldn't take much more of this, he proceeded to ask the youngster "how many hamburgers have you shoved down today fatboy?" and a few other related comments. Within 20 minutes of Jose threatening to break him in half, the young heckler took a liner in the chest off of Berroa's bat. Jose didn't see jr. take the shot in the chest but I felt satisfied that Mr. Canseco would have been pleased with the end result - I know I was.

Lil Bartholo is a big A's fan. Here's something I took from an email she sent me:
Mark, did you see the banner I brought to spring training and brought to the Coliseum that said WELCOME BACK JOSE? It was signed by many, many fans and I gave the banner to Jose's father to take home to him when he visited here in May. I also had a banner made when he was being booed at the Coliseum in 1991. He complained about the home crowd giving him so litle support. I made the banner HOW ABOUT US JOSE WE APPRECIATE YOU! I got more than 3 thousand signatures and many personal letters and presented that to him at the end of the year. The day he got traded in such a classless act. I waited for him outside the clubhouse. When he came out, I shook his hand and told him how ashamed I was to be an A's fan at that moment. He thanked me and took my ticket without me asking and autographed it. I asked him if he still had the banner at home and he said yes. I told him to go read all the things his fans had written to him. He said thanks again and was gone. He was in shock and very hurt. I hated TLR more than ever that day and was never able to forgive him for the way he treated Jose.

Billy McCoy writes:
I have a couple of memories that really stand out for me (actually, I have many memories because I keep a newspaper clipping of Canseco everytime he hits a homerun or does anything special). Anyway, let's go back to 1990 when the A's and Reds were in the World Series. Keep in mind that I went to school in Brookville, IN, close to Cincinnati, OH. Well, I was in 10th grade at the time and I had this teacher named Gus Adams that would always rib me about Canseco in Geography class everyday. I wore a different Canseco shirt everyday in honor of #33 (all year long). To make a long story short, the A's lost the Series, I mean, got pasted, it sucked, and I took even more heat the rest of the year for that. Can you imagine the torture living so close to Cincinnati and being the only A's fan for miles and miles. Well, I must say I backed the man up (even though he had only one hit, a homer, providing temporary relief), survived, and here I am today waiting to laugh in Gus' and the rest of their faces when Canseco goes in the Hall. And because the Reds haven't ever had a power hitter the likes of Jose since George Foster. FWA HA HA!!!! On a good note: My dad got me a Jose Canseco Donruss Rookie that same year for perfect attendance to school. Can I get a whoa Bundy???

Rockey Caringello says:
I have been a Canseco fan since his early days in Oakland. He was my favorite Bash Brother. I liked him because he was tough, and he could back up everything he said. He has the attitude "I'm good and I know it" which I really admire. I never had many chances to see his games, so mostly I followed him through TV highlights and the newspaper. However my fondest memory is also the most recent. I was in San Diego when the Athletics played the Padres in an interleague game. Sitting in my seat I was right behind 2 baseball "experts." Just curious, I asked one what they thought of Jose Canseco. They immediately started to disrespect him saying he was "washed up", and "worthless." I defended him like any Canseco fan would but these guys refused to listen. Needless to say I was very angry. Imagine my feeling when Jose bashed not one, but TWO homeruns against the Padres. I must have jumped 10 feet high, I was so happy. That shut those guys up, and has become my fondest Jose Canseco memory.

Somebody writes:
I really like Canseco and his stuff. I thought hardly anybody besides me collected him. A lot of my friends thought he stunk at ball. But I still collect him. I realize now that my Canseco collection of about 60 cards is pretty small compared to some other people's Jose collection. My mom and dad and one of my uncles think Jose has an attitude problem. I think he's cool. I've been to two games he played in and I cut out his newspaper articles. I have a Canseco shirt. I've sent some cards to him for autographs but didn't get them back, but that's okay because I figure he is a very busy person. I have a hard time finding his cards especially inserts. And my friends still think I am nutty because as the subject of baseball come up in a conversation I can't stop talking about Canseco and his greatness. I'm really peeved sometimes at the press because all the attention was going to Gonzalez in Texas and to Vaughn in Boston.Oh, one more thing if anybody reading this has a 1993 Canseco Finest regular edition please e-mail me at [email protected].

Frankie Falwell of Ft. Gibson, Ohio writes:
When I was about 15 years old my family took a vacation to Arlington, Tx. We had scheduled beforehand to go see the Rangers play the A's. I had always been a Jose fan but that night was the night that I really became a FAN! Jose was playing for the A's at the time and Rangers fans hated him. Nolan Ryan was pitching that night and I was eagerly awaiting watching Jose face him. Ryan had a no-hitter going through 5 innings and had struck out Jose twice... looking. I was really dissapointed. But in the seventh inning, the game changed dramatically. Jose had 2 on with no outs and the A's trailed 7-0. On the first pitch Jose rocketed one off the greatest strikeout pitcher ever and the crowd was silenced! In fact, I think I was the only one cheering. The game went into extra innings and Jose hit another home run, although it was less dramatic than hitting one off the greatest. Also between innings, the Rangers PA played Madonna songs to rattle Jose, but it didn't work because you could look out into right field and see Canseco delightfully dancing to the music and playing up to the crowd, and that is one of the reasons I think he is so cool.

Robert Nuno remembers this great story:
My son David was at that time 13 years old. He asked my wife and me to take him to the ball game in Dallas. The reason was A's were playing the Rangers. David wanted to meet Jose Canseco and since my wife and I are from Cuba, Jose's country, we inmediately made reservation at the same Hotel the A's were staying and left for Dallas. The next morning David was up early, went to the floor were Jose was staying and waited by the elevator to greet Jose went he came from his room. David had a video camera with him and rode in the elevator with Jose but was so nervous that forgot to press the bottom to capture the moment. Jose went to the swimming pool and rested for a while, I took over the vieo camera and filmed a lot. After a few minutes Jose (despite the security) began to talk to the kids surrounding him. He organized a football game within the swimming pool to which David joined, and of course my camera was working. Around noon Jose took all the kids (33 of them, 33 being the number on his uniform) to the restaurant and bought lunch for all of them. He spent nearly 3 hour with the kids and I know made that day unforgetable. I know David is proud to have met Jose and have lunch with his idol. Incidently this incident was never reported by the press.

Jamie Peffer is lucky enough to have this story to tell:
In 1990 I won the "Win a Day with Jose" contest. It was awesome. I would like to let others, who critize him, know what a great person he is and what a great time I had. I would also like to find the 2 other people that also won. And the greatest thing that could possibly happen is get to meet him again.

Brent Ewing writes:
I am a huge fan of jose but I live in wellston ohio and do not get to see too many of his games but I follow his stats everyday in the newspaper. I am also a big collecter of jose memorabilla. I have over 300 cards, six or seven of his starting lineups, a signed baseball and photograph and more. one thing I would like to say before I go is that I love this page and I think that you did a good job making it.

Doug Cooper shares this story with us:
Well, I am a Jose fan and have been for a very long time. I have seen him in a few games because I live 45 mins. from Oakland Coliseum. Needless to say, as a fan I would like to meet him in person but I have yet to be privledged in this manner. When Jose was still with the A's my dad had an odd encounter withmy hero. My father is an A's fan and is well aware of my fanatical devotion to this bat swinging demi-god. So one he comes back from a restaurant located in Danville...By the way this goes back to 1989-90 or so....Father was having a get together with some old friends from high school and this happened to be a restaurant where Jose went to eat because he knew the owners. Anyway, my dad had to use the restroom so he got up and went to relieve himself. He started doing his business, when he hears the bathroom door behind him open....No big deal just another guy coming in to take a leak. Well, he turns around and there is Jose waiting right behind him! Of course my dad comes home and tells me he meets Jose and then accuses him of trying to get a gander of his pee pee! What a waste of a chance meeting. In reality Jose wasn't looking at anything...just waiting his turn. My dad added that when he saw Jose and recognized him he tried to think of something clever to say....nothing came out. Oh well...should've been me.

Nick Stamatellos says:
One of my many favorite Canseco memories was when I went to a Yankee-Bosox game towards the end of last year. I was decorated with my Canseco Jersey and an Oakland hat. Every time he came to the plate I cheered like a madman. During his third at bat, amidst my encouragement for Jose to hit one out, I took a hot dog to the back of the head. That didn't shut me up though. It didn't help that Jose wiffed three times that game!!

Tony Spatz sent me the following email:
This webpage is truly awesome!! It is about time that someone appreciates the greatest player in the game. Jose is the reason I first got interested in baseball. Ever since that great '88 season I have been addicted. Unfortunatly I have only seen Jose play in person a couple of times. The game was awesome, he hit a homer that almost left County Stadium. I tried to get his autograph but sucurity wouldn't let me get close to him.

Charles McCool sent me this cool memory:
I played Little League baseball with the Canseco boys - a long, long time ago. There were a few kids from the neighborhood that made it to the bigs... Eeek! I just looked at the little league picture. Ouch, that is one homely looking dude. When we were 14, Jose and his brother played on the Yankees and had bright yellow uniforns (pants and jerseys). When pitching, one (or both?) of them would look between their legs at the runner on first base. Very funny, actually, like an ostrich. Just thinking back...

Joe Orlando needs your help. Read this email he sent me:
Hello. My name is Joe Orlando and I have been a huge Canseco fan from the beginning of his career. I am very impressed with your web site and would like to know if you can help me with something. I started keeping an extensive video library of Canseco's career highlights in 1986 and still do so. Unfortunately, my tapes were accidentally destroyed and are now completely gone. I'm looking for someone who might have such a collection of his highlights (any homeruns, key hits, good defense,etc.). I will gladly compensate this person for their time and for the tapes necessary to do the job, this means a great deal to me. One day I would like to look back on his career through video. If you or anyone you can think of might be able to help me I would really appreciate the info. I also hope you continue to run this website, I wish I could have found it earlier. Some of my prized Canseco collectibles include several game used and autographed jerseys and bats (some of the bats were used to hit certain homeruns and Jose autographed them that way " hr #11 1991 etc .") Jose inspired me to lift weights and work hard at baseball which eventually (after four years of college ball) led to some time in the minor leagues. I have since hung up the cleats and have resorted to hitting bombs in local softball leagues. It isn't the same as playing baseball but it is still fun. Please e-mail me back with any info that might be useful regarding the videos (maybe you have the capability?). By the way, where is Jose going to play this year? I would like to see him hit his 500th hr someday so all the idiot media people will shut up! Thanks for your time.

Paul writes:
I started liking Jose Canseco ever sinse 1987 as well, I was only 9 at the time. I have always been the biggest baseball fan in the world. I would watch baseball no matter who would be playing. I have a similiar story to yours. I found the Oakland A's address in a baseball card book that my mom bought. I remember sending in a note asking then to send me either Mark McGwire's autograph or Jose Canseco's autograph. Instead they sent me a picture of Stan Javier. You can probably imagine what I felt like. After a while I got over that, but I never stoped liking JC. Every time the A's, Red Sox, or Rangers would play on t.v. I would just drop everything and wait for Jose to bat. Jose will always be my favorite player and I can't wait till next season.

Kenny Lambert says:
My name is Kenny Lambert and I'm from Centralia, Illinois so it is rather odd that someone so far from Oakland, California can be such a huge fan of Jose. I started collecting Jose's cards and other memorabilia back in 1989, when I was 14. At that time I had no idea that he had just finished his wonderful 40/40 season, so that is not why I started following him. After seeing him fist a homerun out of Baltimore Park in 1989 (I think) I knew this guy meant business. I have almost 100 of his baseball cards and such, but they are just the trading cards, not cards like you get at Toy R' Us and what not. I have this shirt of Jose that I bought in 8th grade that has him with a big head and little body and with him holding a base in his right hand and a bat in the other. On the back I had "Mr. 40/40" silkscreened on the back of it. My only goal in life is to meet Jose someday before I die (whenever that may be!) I had a shrine of him in my room at one time, but since I'm older I felt I had to take it down. My symbol of dedication to Jose as a fan is my license plate: BOSOX 33 (which I applied for when he was a Red Sox member).

Theresa Bostrom remembers:
I have been an avid Canseco fan for 11 going on 12 years now. I really love baseball because of him. I live near Seattle and go to the games about twice a year -one week at a time- I usually go if I know Jose's team is playing. I brought my dad for a game on fathers day and thank goodness it was against the Rangers. I dutifully got seats in right field but Jose wasn't playing and I had hoped for Nolan Ryan but neither wish was granted but I had a great bonding session with my Dad. I decided to be a morgana wanna be and dress up in a Red Sox bathing suit and go jump on the field when Jose was at his last at-bat (I had to see as much of the game as possible) and I would run to him and kiss him or at least attempt to. One of my friends told him what I was going to do and he said "Yeah right". Well, luck is always on my side and I sprained my ankle before the game running down the stairs toward batting practice. Well I guess he was right. I tried to get his autograph once after a game and I stayed until late because he came out way after the other players. I had a newspaper article from 1989 and asked him to sign it and he wouldn't but he shook my hand, being the sicko I am, I smelled it afterward and kept smelling until I figured out what cologne was scenting my hand. Eternity. Sorry, I do have a few more stories but this is already long enough. It is the god's honest truth. Thanks for listening and even having the Canseco Page, I get a lot of grief everytime I tell someone I like Canseco. The homerun off the head, the pitching disaster etc. I'm sure you've heard it all too. My only question is Why did all of this happen to our Player?!? They could have spread it out between more players.

Leslie says:
I am a 20 year old female and I have to be Jose's biggest female fan. I have almost all his cards, I can't find a few, and I don't miss a game. Not only am I his biggest fan, I am in love with him. I have more posters and pictures of this man than I have pictures of my family.

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